Product updates, new features and announcements

Fix  Apr 7, 2021
Bug Fixes in Flows

Bug fixes in flow editor

Fix  Mar 26, 2021
Squashed lot of bugs in Editor

Fixed lot of bugs related to loading of plugins in the editor

Fix  Mar 26, 2021
You can remove company logo from setting

Earlier it was not possible to remove the company logo and you had to add a new one to replace the previous one

There is a cross button next to logo in the settings section with which you can remove the logo

Fix  Mar 25, 2021
Now select multiple categories for posts

You can enter multiple categories while creating a product post

Fix  Mar 22, 2021
Bug Fixes on Floating Widget

Lot of bug fixes on floating widget :

  • Side widget was not taking 100% height on chrome - FIXED
  • Default title on widget was not getting picked up and was coming out to be blank - FIXED
  • Removed some extra 1 pixel padding on the background of widget

  by Zata