Product updates, new features and announcements

Coming soon Fix Improvement New  Mar 25, 2021
Now select multiple categories for posts

You can enter multiple categories while creating a product post

Improvement  Mar 25, 2021
Now see number of posts and key KPIs in analytics section

New  Mar 25, 2021
Supporting Wistia Videos

We support Wistia video embeds in Zata product updates now.

Just click on Video icon on the editor and add the wistia share link in the url input field

New  Mar 25, 2021
Now Zata supports Loom Video Embeds ??

Product updates are incomplete without loom video embeds

You can now embed Loom Videos in your product updates easily

New  Mar 25, 2021
Add Custom Domains to your Product Update pages

Now you can add custom domains like

Simply go to settings :

  1. Add custom domain in the field
  2. Go to your DNS provider and update your CNAME record

For example : >

Improvement  Mar 24, 2021
Revamped Analytics

We have totally revamped the analytics module of Zata

You can now see KPIs related to your product updates including Impressions, Widget Views, Post Views, Reactions and Subscribers in one intuitive design

Also you can filter the chart basis :

  • Impressions
  • Post Views
  • Widget Views

You can even filter the results basis date range

New  Mar 24, 2021
Collect Feedback From Users For Every Product Update

Now you can take feedback from users at every product update.

Feedback option is available within both in-app widget and product updates page

New  Mar 24, 2021
Glossary For Product Management

We have launched a glossary of top product management terms and phrases.

You can find definitions of everything related to Product management, product experience and product led growth.

This is WIP and we will keep adding new terms and definitions every week.

Check out the product glossary

New  Mar 24, 2021
Zata Documentation

Now you can find documentation about the Zata app in the Documentation section. It is WIP and we will keep adding relevant content and articles

Check it out here

New  Mar 24, 2021
Now you can embed Youtube Videos in your updates

Just like this :)

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