Product updates, new features and announcements

Improvement  Mar 29, 2021
Product Updates Page is more SEO Friendly ?

We have done tonnes of changes on product updates page to make them super SEO friendly

  • H1 tags is corrected to be on the title of the post
  • adding paginated links in the all sections so that all the posts can be easily indexed
  • reduced the page load time by 70% by compressing js and static files
  • added optimised meta descriptions on all pages

New  Mar 29, 2021
New Notification Badges are live

Whenever there is new post - both signed in and non signed in users will see new notification red badges across the floating button as well as embedded div.

New  Mar 29, 2021
New Blog Post : Covid and Future of Work

Fix  Mar 26, 2021
Squashed lot of bugs in Editor

Fixed lot of bugs related to loading of plugins in the editor

Improvement  Mar 26, 2021
See the email confirmation status after they subscribe

You can now see the confirmation status of the user after he subscribes to your product updates

Improvement New  Mar 26, 2021
Resize Image with inline image editor

Now you can change the size or alignment of the image from within the editor itself

New Improvement Coming soon  Mar 26, 2021
Adding new category is lot more easier

Now adding a new category for the post is lot easier and intuitive

Just click on Add New Category and add the name of new category

Fix  Mar 26, 2021
You can remove company logo from setting

Earlier it was not possible to remove the company logo and you had to add a new one to replace the previous one

There is a cross button next to logo in the settings section with which you can remove the logo

Improvement  Mar 26, 2021
Cleaner Create Post Experience

We have improved the create post experience by removing unnecessary fields and with better UX

New  Mar 26, 2021
Now you can paste images directly in the Editor

You can paste images directly in the editor from clipboard

or you can simply drag and drop images into the editor

  by Zata