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New  Apr 20, 2021
Zata Chrome Plugin is Live on Chrome Store ? ?

Our chrome plugin is live on chrome app store. Zata plugin gives you capability to overlay our editor on top of your product and build flows in an intuitive and insanely simple wysiwyg fashion.

Say goodbye to back and forth from dashboard to your product, Zata lets you build experiences for your customers on top of your product - No engineering resources needed.

With Zata plugin, you would be able to select elements and preview your experience flows directly on top of your product.

Download it from here

New  Apr 15, 2021
Target In-App Widget

Now you can target where all your in-app widget will show up

Improvement  Apr 14, 2021
Change button positions easily

In Flows editor, you can change buttons position easily

New  Apr 12, 2021
Our Chrome Plugin is available in private beta ? ?

Now you can do things like select element for component positioning, preview your flows or edit them using our easy to use Chrome plugin.

Reach out to us if you need access to private beta of plugin.

Fix  Apr 7, 2021
Bug Fixes in Flows

Bug fixes in flow editor

Coming soon  Apr 2, 2021
No Code Product Flows

We are working on something really cool.

Soon using Zata you would be able to build micro experience flows on top of your product using our no-code editor.

Think of use cases like :

  • User onboarding
  • Product Tours
  • In-app campaigns
  • Interactive Self Serve Support

and lot more ..stay tuned :)

Blog New  Apr 2, 2021
What is Digital Adoption Platform or DAP

Blog  Apr 1, 2021
New blog ? : What is Product Led Growth

Blog  Apr 1, 2021
New blog ? : What is User Onboarding

Improvement Ux improvement  Apr 1, 2021
Collapsible Category Menu For Mobile

Now categories on mobile version of the product updates page will come in a collapsible menu , making it even more mobile friendly

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